Sament Group completed the system for natural roof lighting and smoke extraction on the KOSTAL High Tech Automotive Components Plant in Pazardjik in June 2017. The installation work started in January 2017.
The following systems were embedded:
- GLOS DL BT continuous roof light system
- GLOS SV system for natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction in the event of fire
- GLOS IA natural facade ventilators type inlets
- smoke curtains type NYMBUS SC
- AUTOMATION LINE a management and control system
- ARCHITECTURAL LINE- window end door automation
Continuous roof light systems are designed to provide effective and complete day lighting of workplaces. The GLOS DL BT system is a design configuration to provide an increased level of thermo insulation compared with the minimal requirements of the National Regulations for building efficiency.
Smoke and heat extraction is based on natural smoke and heat ventilators / NSHEVs / operating with an electric motor. Smoke hatches are managed in a way that allows them to be used for natural ventilation over an extended period of time. Aditional advantages of this type of system, through the use of electric motors as compared with pneumatic, are less consumption and easier servicing of the system.
The delivered and installed products included :
Continuous roof light system- 400m2.
NSHEVs - 38 units.
Smoke curtains- 100 m2.
Inlets- 10 units.
An Automation line, chain motors.
A management and control system.